Point Source On-Wall/Free-Standing

The Sage Series C20m x 2, C38m x1 LCR Superbar is available in custom lengths of up to almost any length imaginable, and custom colors if the standard finish is not suitable for your environment and décor. Our Superbars are specifically designed to avoid the compromises inherent in conventional speaker designs. There are no passive crossover components inside the speaker. Instead, there are direct connections from the amplifiers to their respective High-Pass and Low-Pass drivers and an external active crossover is used, such as the ones inside of our Wisdom SA-DSP (Digital Signal Processing) Amplifiers. It is truly a “system” design and not merely a collection of loudspeaker drivers in a box. 

Please contact us to learn which products/amplifiers/ surround processors outside of our DSP Amplifiers will work with our speakers and subwoofers:

Architectural Design With Custom In Mind

Slim and elegant in design, the Sage C20m x2, C38m x1 LCR Superbar can be made to blend nicely into your décor through our optional custom finishes and lengths.

Big Bass In Small Boxes

Featuring Sage Series dynamic woofers that are more than twice as powerful as typical woofers for great bass without huge, ugly boxes that are difficult to place.

Key Features


Highly Detailed & Dynamic
(3) Planar Magnetic Drivers
Covers 5 Octaves of Clarity
Light Weight Film PEEK
FAST Acceleration

Available in 2/3 CH Configurations
Available as Free-Standing
On-Wall / Free-standing
Custom Colors Available
Custom Length Available
Anodized Trim Bezels

Full Range Loudspeaker
(8) High Operating Woofers
Outboard Active Crossover
DSP Required
6-CH’s of Amplification Required


Frequency Response35Hz – 20kHz ± 2dB relative to the target curve
Impedance, Planar Section3 ohms
Impedance, Woofer Section5 ohms (C20m), 3 ohms (C38m)
Sensitivity93 dB / 2.83 V / 1m
Shipping Weight 95 lbs+ (weight will vary depending on custom length)
Min – Max Length73″ – 146″
Amplifier Channels Needed6


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Wisdom Audio Superbar Spec Sheet

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C20M X2, C38M X1 Superbar On-Wall Drawing (PDF)

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C20M X2, C38M X1 Superbar On-Wall Drawing (DWG)

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C20M X2, C38M X1 Superbar Free-Standing Drawing (PDF)

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C20M X2, C38M X1 Superbar Free-Standing Drawing (DWG)

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