Wisdom Audio Sammy Hagar Studio 3


Discovering a New World of Sound

When one of the most legendary rockers, musicians, and all-around great people of all time, Sammy Hagar, first came to our factory to listen to the Wisdom Audio Series LS4s, his comment was “That was the most visual listening experience I’ve ever had. It was almost like watching the music, so much more than just listening.” After this visit and “watching” experience, Sammy decided that it would be fantastic to have this same sound in his own studio (Red Rocker Studios) for mixing and mastering. 

After working with his recording engineer, Jaimeson Durr, on what model would work best for the studio they decided on the Sage Series Point 2 with an SCS-2 RTL subwoofer along with SA amps and an SC-2. Following installation and calibration, Sammy commented “everyone that listens to anything they have previously recorded, for example Don Felder listening to Hotel California, by the Eagles, said ‘I heard things from that recording that I never heard before on any other system’.” Sammy went on to say, “I feel the same way when I listen to some old Van Halen recordings. I hear things that I didn’t remember hearing so clearly, especially in the low-end and super high-end with cymbals and natural room sounds. I mean everything that is recorded you will hear with this system.”

Photography by Derek Novaes

System Specs

Sammy’s set-up included the following products. We encourage you to take a further look at any of them to see if they could work for your own personal set-up.

2 ea. Sage Series Point 2 – Point Source Loudspeakers
1 ea. Wisdom SCS-2 RTL Subwoofer
1 ea. Wisdom SA-2 Amplifier
1 ea. Wisdom SA-3 Amplifier
1 ea SC-2 System Controller (DISCONTINUED)