An Audiophile’s Dream Retreat

Many people spend their entire lives looking for the perfect speaker. So what area the attributes of a perfect speaker? Well in need to have a driver that very rigid but has almost no mass. The driver must be able to cover a very large frequency bandwidth and should have similar response directly in front of the speaker and off axis as well. It should be able to reproduce the subtlest micro dynamics and at the same time be able to handle macro dynamics. The speaker should have a extreme level of resolution without any deleterious effects from crossovers or drivers. For the owner of this Napa home the Wisdom Series loudspeakers addressed all of these needs and more.

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Photography by Derek Novaes

System Specs

This project’s set-up included the following products. We encourage you to take a further look at any of them to see if they could work for your own personal set-up.

2 ea. Wisdom Series LS4
1 ea. STS RTL Subwoofer
1 ea. SA-2 Amplifier
1 ea. SA-3 Amplifier
1 ea. SC-2 System Controller