Nantucket Home Theater 7


Nantucket Media Systems “Gold” Theater

This beautiful Nantucket Island home has amazing architectural accents and stunning ocean views. Equally stunning is the private cinema that features backlit onyx columns and a full Wisdom Audio system that was installed by Nantucket Media Systems and Cinema Design Group International. Winner of the 2017 CE Pro Project of the Year +75K Gold award the cinema is comprised of Line Source loudspeakers for front channels which reduce the reflected sound by roughly 50%. This results in far better system clarity and much the same volume from the front row to the rear countertop area.

Visit the Nantucket Media System website for more information on this project.

System Specs

This project’s set-up included the following products. We encourage you to take a further look at any of them to see if they could work for your own personal set-up.

3 ea. Sage L75i – Line Source Loudspeakers (Front Channels)
6 ea. Insight P4i – Point Source Loudspeakers (Surround Channels)
4 ea. Insight P4i – Point Source Loudspeakers (Height Channels)
2 ea. S90i – RTL (Subwoofers)
6 ea. SA-3 Amplifiers