Sound Vision CA 2


Impressive Sound for an Impressive Display

When you have the world’s largest 4k Planar Display coupled with a room that is very “acoustically” challenging you need to also find the best speakers in the world that can handle this room and compete with the “image” provided. In addition, the speakers needed to be powerful enough to also provide all of the low frequency for the room as there was no ideal location for subwoofers. For this, the client choose the Sage Series Line Source L150’s as the best fit for the space providing all the dynamic output, low frequency, and clarity the room and client required. This stellar project was completed by Sound Vision Gold River, CA.

Photography by Derek Novaes

System Specs

This project’s set-up included the following products. We encourage you to take a further look at any of them to see if they could work for your own personal set-up.

4 ea. Sage L150i – Line Source Loudspeakers
4 ea. SA-3 Amplifiers
1 ea. SC-1 – System Controller (DISCONTINUED)
1 ea WWK-BB Custom Interconnect Kit (DISCONTINUED)