Marin CA Master Bedroom 1


Bringing Sound to Your Favorite Place

It comes as no surprise that we spend on average one third of our lives in the bedroom. This Marin County client decided that having great sound for music and movies in their bedroom was important to them. Included in this room, are three of our Insight Series loudspeakers with a custom-sized grille covering them below the television and two more in the rear of the room for surround effects.

For more information on this project visit the Granko website.

Photography by Derek Novaes

System Specs

This project’s set-up included the following products. We encourage you to take a further look at any of them to see if they could work for your own personal set-up.

3 ea. Insight Series P2i – Point Source Loudspeakers (LCR)
2 ea. Insight Series P2i – Point Source Loudspeakers (Surrounds)
1 ea. SAS – RTL Subwoofer