Mahajak Showroom 2


A Breathtaking Theater Experience

This showroom by Mahajak in Bangkok, Thailand combines Sage Cinema Line technology with soft interior features to create a breathtaking experience. The warm colors paired with crisp visuals and audio take you into the media while keeping a sense of comfort.

For more information on this project visit the Mahajak website.

System Specs

This project’s set-up included the following products. We encourage you to take a further look at any of them to see if they could work for your own personal set-up.

3 ea. Sage Cinema Line 3
6 ea. Sage Cinema Line 2
4 ea. Sage ICS7A – Point Source Speaker
2 ea. S110i – RTL Subwoofer (In-Wall Rear)
2 ea. STS – Freestanding RTL Subwoofer (Front)
1 ea. SC-3 – System Controller (DISCONTINUED)
8 ea. SA-3 Amplifier
1 ea. SA-2 Amplifier
2 ea. WWK-BB Custom Wire Kit (DISCONTINUED)