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Powered Free-Standing RTL Subwoofer

The compact size and aspect ratio of the SCS allows it to be placed in areas where other in-room subwoofers will not fit, offering customers a unique freestanding subwoofer option – one that can actually be hidden. The SCS is powered by a 400-watt internal amplifier and is capable of 120 dB @ 25 Hz. The dual 5-inch x 7.5-inch woofer design yields an equivalent active cone area of 13 inches and is taken directly from the larger S90i in-wall subwoofer.

The Regenerative Transmission Line®

Regenerative Transmission Line® designs yielded the unique combination of high sensitivity, high output, and low distortion with the uniform and extended response we required. The result is extraordinary power and punch combined with a remarkable level of quickness, tunefulness and realism.

Key Features

Regenerative Transmission Line® design
400-Watt Powered Subwoofer

Highly Detailed & Dynamically Accurate
(2) Custom designed high-output long throw 5”x7” woofers

Multi-port design allows for flexibility in how the SCS output is ported into the room

Flat frequency response across a 20Hz-80Hz operating range
(2) High operating woofers
DSP Required


Frequency Response20Hz – 80 Hz ± 3dB relative to the target curve
Rated Power450W
Main Voltage100/120V, or 230/240V
Maximum Output120 dB @ 25 Hz
Power Consumption575W (±5%) at full power
Shipping Weight72 lbs. (33 kg)
Dimensions – HxWxD22.5” x 37” x 7” (57.2cm x 94cm x 17.8cm)


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SCS Owner’s Manual

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SCS Spec Sheet

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SCS Dimensions (PDF)

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SCS Dimensions (DWG)

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