Wall-to-Wall Picture & Sound

Wall-to-Wall Picture & Sound 

Sound Components of Miami, FL went all out for this clients custom theater maximizing both the sound and the video experience.  For audio, the Sage Cinema Series was chosen using both Line Source and Point Source speakers to deliver a detailed yet dynamic playback experience.  Also in the room: Sony 5000 Projector, Seymour Screen Excellence 12′ x 20′ Screen, and Trinnov Audio Surround Processing.   Simply Stunning.

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Key Features

Planar Magnetic Drivers

Line Source Technology

Regenerative Transmission Line Subwoofers

included in package

System Configuration

3 ea. Sage Cinema Series Line 4 Line Source loudspeakers (LCR channels)

4 ea. Sage Cinema Series Point 2 Point Source loudspeakers (Side channels)

2 ea. Sage Cinema Series Point 3 Point Source loudspeakers (Rear channels)

6 ea. Insight Series P2i Point Source loudspeakers (ATMOS channels)

2 ea. Wisdom STS RTL Subwoofers