Sierra Integrated Systems

Beautiful Lake View and Sound

This stunning lake side project by Sierra Integrated Systems of Reno, NV is a perfect example of integrating technology and sounds throughout a home.  With many hard reflective surfaces Line Source Loudspeakers where the right choice as they do not acoustically interact with the ceiling or floor, allowing for more sound clarity.  They incorporated Sage Series L75i Line Source speakers on either side of the fireplace with a Sage Series C38m for the center dialog.  There are also two hidden Wisdom RTL subwoofers that can be heard, but not seen.

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Key Features

Planar Magnetic Drivers

Line Source Technology

Regenerative Transmission Line® RTL Subwoofer

included in package

System Configuration

2 ea. Sage Series L75i Line Source loudspeakers (left/right channels)

1 ea. Sage Series C38m Point Source loudspeakers (center channel)

2 ea. Wisdom S90i RTL Subwoofers

1 ea. SC-1 System Controller

2 ea SA-3 Wisdom Audio Amplifiers