Audio Video Integration Showroom

In the speaker business budget priced models sometimes have budget priced sound as well. Our Insight Series loudspeakers are different in that they offer all of the legendary Wisdom Audio clarity and articulation, but at a modest price. Audio Video Integration in Northern California knows this well and they love to demonstrate this fact in their Wisdom Audio Insight Theater. Their system offers big sound without the big price tag.

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Key Features

Planar Magnetic Drivers

Regenerative Transmission Line® RTL Subwoofer

Wisdom Audio Power Amplifiers

included in package

System Configuration

3 ea. Insight Series P4i Point Source loudspeakers (front channels)

3 ea. Insight Series P2i Point Source loudspeakers (surround channels)

4 ea. Sage Series ICS7a In-ceiling loudspeakers (height channels)

2 ea. RTL S90i Subwoofers

4 ea. SA-3 Amplifiers

2 ea. SW-1 Subwoofer Amplifiers