Wisdom Series LS3i

Line Source In-Wall Loudspeaker

The Wisdom Series LS3i is the latest planar magnetic thin-film technology and represents an uncompromised engineering effort to achieve the ultimate in music and film sound reproduction. With 60” of Planar Line Source, it is ideally suited for installation behind an acoustically transparent screen, as a main speaker or surround.

A single LS3i is capable of reproducing sound pressure levels in excess of 127 dB at 12’. The 60-inch tall line source will provide seamless timbre matching and uniform dynamic expression throughout any listening space.

The LS3i yield breathtaking performance including low distortion, detail, dynamic range, transparency, horizontal dispersion, sound stage imaging and maximum output capability.


Key Features

Line Source

Eliminate floor and ceiling reflection

Enhance clarity

More power over distance

Share experience

Planar Magnetic

Highly Detailed & Dynamic

(1) Two-way 60” PMD

Covers 8 Octaves of Clarity

Light Weight Film PEEK

FAST acceleration



Available as On-Wall LS3m

In-Wall / On-Wall


Custom Colors Available LS3m


More Features

80Hz – 20kHz

60’ Planar magnetic Driver

Outboard Active Crossover

DSP Required

2-CH’s of Amplification Required 

Eliminate floor and ceiling reflection
The line source design eliminates floor and ceiling reflection while distributing sound levels uniformly across the width of any room.

Power Over Distance
Line source provides a much better power constituency than point source. This is great benefit when designing entertain net space in large modern open floor living space as well as multi tiers theaters.


Frequency response 80Hz – 20kHz ± 2dB relative to the target curve
Impedance, tweeter 5.6 ohms
Impedance, midrange/bass 5.6 ohms
Sensitivity 98 dB / 2.83 V / 1m
Shipping weight
345 lbs. (157 kg)
Dimensions HxWxD 64.7” x 23.75” x 12” (164.3cm x 60.3cm x 30.5cm)