Calibration & System Commissioning Services

We provide Factory Calibration & System Commissioning Services on all Wisdom Audio projects.  This service is in place to ensure the Wisdom Audio system you purchased is setup properly and performing to our standards.

Key Features

Level 1 – using an Wisdom Audio SC-2 or Sc-3 System Controller

$6,000 MSRP (US Only)

1 Month Lead Time Needed

“Level 2” using multiple Wisdom Audio SC System Controllers , Datasat, or Trinnov processor

$9,000 MSRP (US Only)

2 Month Lead Time Needed

Calibration Services Include:

Complete system check

Complete installation check

Complete polarity system check

Room acoustics check relative to speaker installation

Post calibration audio system check

And more…


Level 1 Calibration of a SC-2 or SC-3 1-Month Lead Time
Level 2 Calibration of Multiple SC's, Datasat, or Trinnov processor 2-Month Lead Time