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Line Source Phenomena

Line Source speakers behave distinctly different than point source speakers (cones, domes, horns, panels, etc.). Point source speakers produce sound from a single point expanding in all directions, floor to ceiling and side to side. When various drivers are mated together (mid-bass, midrange, tweeter, etc.) as closely spaced point sources, the sound from each driver is projected forward in ever widening overlapping patterns intersecting and reflecting the listener at different times and intensities. This causes hot spots, dead spots, distortion, beaming, and contamination of a clear image.

A Line Source radiates sound as that of an expanding cylinder and not that of an expanding sphere. Hardly any energy is radiated above or below the driver except low frequencies, which are omnidirectional, by physical nature. Natural vertical directivity eliminates floor and ceiling reflections, without the use of multiple tweeters or other controversial techniques.

Because of the lack of emission of energy past the ends of the drivers, this nonwasted energy is propelled forward causing sound to attenuate (drop off) at only 3dB for each doubling of distance from the driver instead of 6dB as in conventional point source speakers. This provides much more consistent coverage and less listener fatigue. The cylindrical coverage minimizes lost acoustic and amplifier power not to mention less room interaction by providing an broader, non-beaming first wave reflection. This offers unprecedented control and intelligibility.

Wisdom Audio “SMART” Planar Line Source drivers

Wisdom Audio Adrenaline Planar Line Source speakers are an extremely high quality, durable planar magnetic developed over a period of more than twelve years. The operating principle is one in which the magnetic circuit, or motor, drives the radiating surface directly, rather than through an indirect path from voice coil to former to cone or dome. The mass of the diaphragm is less than the air that it drives, which ensures tremendous detail, transparency, and control. Using an advanced push-pull motor, the speaker’s performance is further enhanced by virtue of its linear drive principle, as the force on the diaphragm is applied in an absolutely uniform fashion.

The Wisdom drivers offer the advantages of a thin-film, line source transducer along with high performance potential for private or commercial sound reproduction. Unlike most exotic driver types, Wisdom planars feature unmatched bandwidth, power handling and ruggedness, as well as the ease of an almost entirely resistive load to the amplifier.

All models feature linear, push-pull motors linearly driving a thin-filmed diaphragm with an extraordinarily large bandwidth usable from 125Hz to beyond audibility. These drivers possess high frequency extension never before dreamed of, due to the patent pending SMART circuitry and dedicated frequency trace run usage. These drivers have an aperture width of only 1.25” accounting for the almost 180 degree wide dispersion. This provides incredible off-axis response and a huge “sweet spot.”

No “head-clamping devices” are necessary, as is commonly joked about with other large-panel thin-filmed planars or electrostatics. The cylindrical wave propagated expands uniformly across the listening area, eliminating the trial and error setup common to planar and electrostatics. High SPL at a distance does not mean excessive SPL close to the speaker due to the one-half rate of attenuation due to its line source ability versus conventional point source performance. Program power handling is over 20 watts for every linear inch of diaphragm length! The diaphragm is protected within a chassis made of three layers of heavy-gauge, self-reinforced steel.

Wisdom Audio's SMART planar drivers are truly workhorses with intricate agility and finesse.