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Wisdom Audio Active Brain

The Active Brain is at the heart of all Adrenaline systems. The Active Brain is a fourth-order constant voltage electronic crossover that provides both low-pass and high-pass outputs. The slope of each output is 24dB per octave, and because of the fourth order design, both outputs are always in phase with each other. The crossover network is implemented as a variable-state filter. This filter provides both the high-pass and the low-pass function simultaneously, guaranteeing a near-perfect match of the two responses. Over hundreds of crossover point settings from 50 to 500 Hertz are available. These settings are set at the factory or by Wisdom Audio personnel at the time of setup for every individual system.

The crossover is mandatory in that all systems are bi-amplified and require four channels of amplification. Two channels of power are needed for the LFR subwoofers. Two channels of amplification are also needed for the Planar Line Sources.
Wisdom Audio does not use passive crossovers, which cause saturation and distortion from the high power from the amplifiers being distributed to the various drivers, as in conventional systems. Therefore all crossover work is done at the low pre-amp level and then distributed to the designated amplifiers for each driver. This also allows better amp load preference and is the cleanest approach to unadulterated sound, yielding the highest obtainable performance of the speakers and equipment as well.

“It is easier to divert a trickle of energy, than it is to steer a river of power.”

The crossover capability of the Active Brain is just part of its many functions. The Qts and subsonics of the Low Frequency Regenerators are controlled by the Active Brain. Over hundreds of low frequency room and taste tailorments are also available inside the unit allowing every system to be tailored exactingly by Wisdom Audio personnel at the factory or on location during personalized setups for the customer.

There are thousands of high frequency tailorments available inside that allow perfect dialing of each and every planar driver at the factory as well as providing Wisdom Audio personnel the technology to help cure undesirable acoustic situations that might be encountered during setup at each individual location.

The controls on the front of the Active Brain, allow the owner/user to “dial in” the Adrenaline systems for optimum performance with virtually any amplifier combination and room acoustic variations. Once the user studies and learns how each control should be used, the Active Brain will not only become easy to use, but will give the customer an unlimited control tool used to help cure poor acoustics, equipment mismatches, cable shortcomings, taste differences, and can also help reconstruct poorly recorded formats. The customer benefits most by learning how the controls are used and work during the setup and tutorial demonstration by Wisdom Audio personnel. We have condensed the personal tutorial demonstration into a “users guide” to provide quick and easy-to-use information of the Active Brain as well as suggested speaker/room placement guides.