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M-75 Specifications

Drivers | Line Source 75"x3" Planar Magnetic per channel
Drivers | Low Frequency Regenerator  Two 12" Underhung 3" coil LFR per channel
Line Source Driver Weight 43 lbs. each channel
Low Frequency Magnet Weight 76 lbs. each channel
Frequency Response 12-25,000 Hz +3db
Horizontal Dispersion Over 130 degrees
Vertical Dispersion 6' Line Source
Sensitivity 1W/1M Equivalent 91dB Equivalent Ratio
Line Source | Nominal Impedance 5.5 ohms
Line Source | Minimum Impedance 5.5 ohms
Low Frequency Regenerator Impedance  4 ohms
Active Crossover Point Normal setting 140 Hz
Passive Components None
Required Channels of Amplification 4 (Up to 6 as an option)
Max. Power Handling | Line Source 750 watts per channel
Max. Power Handling | Low Frequency Regenerator 2000 watts per channel
Recommended Amplifier Power | Line Source 100-375 watts per channel
Recommended Amplifier Power | Low Frequency Regenerator 100-1000 watts per channel
Complete System Weight 4-piece system /700lbs Approx
Line Source Cabinet | H" x W" 80" x 7" (base 18"W x 31"D)
Low Frequency Cabinet | H" x W" x D" 34" x 15" x 33"

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