Zio Connects

Zio Connects Florida Theater

This stunning Wisdom Series theater is the perfect place to cool off from the warm Florida sun.   The use of the Wisdom Series LS3i’s for LCR effortlessly playback any cinematic or music performance as if you were the one directing it yourself.

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Key Features

Planar Magnetic Drivers

Regenerative Transmission Line Subwoofers

Line Source Technology

included in package

System Configuration

3 ea. Wisdom Series LS3i Line Source loudspeakers (LCR channels)

6 ea. Sage Series L75i Line Source loudspeakers (Side & Rear channels)

4 ea. Sage Series P20i Point Source loudspeakers (ATMOS channels)

3 ea. Wisdom STS RTL Subwoofers

10 ea SA-3 Wisdom Audio Amplifiers