Modern Living 2-CH

Modern living 2-CH system

In the Audiophile world there are many choices ranging from exotic wood cabinets to ultra-light dome tweeter designs. What they do not offer is a speaker that can over come things like highly reflective surfaces (like hard wood floors) and the room acoustics. This modern home needed to address these problems and the obvious choice was our Line Source and room calibration technology.

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Photography by:  Images By Derek Novaes 

Key Features

Planar Magnetic Driver Technology

Line Source Technology

Wisdom Audio Amplifier Technology

Room Calibration & System Commissioning

included in package

System Configuration

2 ea. Sage Series L75 in custom white (L&R)

1 ea. S90i RTL Subwoofer

1 ea. SA-2 Amplifier

1 ea. SA-3 Amplifier

1 ea SC-1 System Controller

1 ea WWK-BB Custom Interconnect Kit