City Home Cinemas UK

Dazzling UK Art Deco Private Cinema

We see many private cinemas these days that take architectural inspirations from classic movie theaters of the past. Lighting is an integral part of these older cinemas but London’s City Home Cinema takes this to a whole new level. This theater not only dazzles with an amazing Wisdom Audio loudspeaker system but it also features lighting that can be change color based on the owner’s desires.

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Key Features

Line Source Technology

Regenerative Transmission Line (RTL) Subwoofers

Planar Magnetic Driver Technology

included in package

System Configuration

3 ea. L100i for front LCR behind screen

2 ea. S90i subs in front side walls

4 ea. Sage Cinema Line 2’s for surround L/R, back surround L/R

8 ea. Insight Series P4i in ceiling for height channels (Front height, side height, rear height and overhead height)

2 ea. SCS subs under the floor at rear corners of room

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