Bay Area Hidden Theater

Invisible Family Room Theater

We live in an amazing era where current televisions can be as large as you desire and have a truly stunning picture. Having a large television mounted on the wall is fine until it is turned off, then it is becomes an eyesore. This was especially true for a Sonoma California couple that wanted their television and the sound system to provide great sound but be completely invisible when not in use.

The solution was to recess the television into the wall and use a piece of artwork to hide the television and our Insight loudspeakers when the system was off. The artwork is mounted to a motorized system that responds to a press of a button. Rear channel loudspeaker and subwoofer were mounted in the ceiling and walls with unobtrusive grilles. Problem solved!

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Photography by:  Images By Derek Novaes 

Key Features

Planar Magnetic Driver Technology

Regenerative Transmission Line (RTL) Subwoofers

Room Calibration & System Commissioning

included in package

System Configuration

3 ea. Insight Series P6i Line Source loudspeakers (front channels)

2 ea. Sage Series ICS7a Point Source loudspeakers (rear channels)

2 ea. RTL S90i Subwoofer

1 ea. SC-1 System Controller