Atlanta Home Theater Castle Showroom

North America’s Largest Home Theater Showroom

Welcome to the Vala Prima theatre that is the crown jewel of Atlanta Home Theater amazing Castle showroom. This stadium seating theater features hardwood doors, ornate paneling, and limestone columns reminiscent of the classic movie theaters of the past. It features Line Source loudspeakers for front channels, which help to control the reflected energy that is directed to the listeners. This improves overall system clarity and allows the front rows and rears rows to have much the same volume. Essentially you hear more of the speakers and less of the room.

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Key Features

Line Source Technology

Regenerative Transmission Line (RTL) Subwoofers

Room Calibration & System Commissioning

included in package

System Configuration

3 ea. Sage L150i Line Source loudspeakers (front channels)

6 ea. Sage P38i Point Source loudspeakers (surround channels)

6 ea. Insight P2i Point Source loudspeakers (height channels)

2 ea. RTL STS Subwoofers