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Jeffrey Allenís Star Palace


The concept for “Reflections” arose from Mr. Allen’s pursuit of bringing a recording studio, an almost “audiophile” quality of sound into the Star Palace venue. With the help of long-time friend and partner Tom Bohlender of Wisdom Audio they collectively set out to perfect this vision. Tom Bohlender being well connected and highly respected in the field of high-end audio, coupled with Mr. Allen’s merchandising and marketing skills, made them a good team to conduct this effort. With the knowledge that high end audio is in the decline, mainly due to the fact that the high end audio market is quite segmented. This small yet very real hobbyist market only seems to communicate with themselves through publications such as Stereophile. The Absolute Sound and Fi to name a few, this has brought this once emerging and highly sought after musical perfection of the seventies and eighties into a serious funk as the nineties roll to a close. Thereby creating a clear business opportunity too exciting to just let go by the wayside.

“Reflections” is a 4,800 square foot high-end home entertainment retail center; which will reflect the style and image of the Star Palace. “Reflections” will demonstrate and sell state-of-the-art audio and audio/video sound systems, representative of the same technology designed into the Star Palace’s main show room. A variety of attractive entertainment systems ranging in prices from $5,000 to well over $100,000 will be displayed throughout “Reflections” six custom showrooms. The marketing emphasis will be on selling complete systems, rather than the audiophile related mentality of reviewing a powercord for several hours and then emotionlessly leaving in contrast, “Reflections” will penetrate a new market based on captured interest from the patron exposure of the music enthusiast that: 1) buys a ticket to see a Star Place performance, and 2) will be enjoying a 5-Star dining and dancing experience, coupled with the fact that those specific patrons will be extremely emotionally moved by the main showroom’s entertainment experience which will equal captured sales. Imagine, you have just seen an audio/visual presentation that has almost moved you to “tears” and then the announcer says, “Ladies and gentleman, if you’ve enjoyed the sound quality of this evening’s presentation, please feel free to stop by ‘Reflections,’ our audio/video demonstration center located right outside the showroom.” If that’s not direct target marketing, then direct target marketing doesn’t exist. It should also be noted that one of the 6 demonstrations rooms will be a replication of the Star Palace showroom itself, only on a much smaller scale. This poses yet another marketing opportunity for advertised demonstrations of actual recorded Star Palace events, thereby giving the patron who didn’t get the opportunity to see their favorite performer a chance to see them in a replicated version at no charge, thereby increasing patron exposure and market base. “Reflections” will also sell the main showroom’s state-of-the-art recorded product content in their retail center.

It should also be noted, that after years of research and auditioning, the Star Palace has chosen the speaker technology that will be utilized in our showroom as well as showcased in “Reflections.” Mr. Tom Bohlender, President and Founder of Wisdom Audio, has to his credit the creation of the Adrenaline Line Source speaker system which produces literally perfect signal reproduction while retaining the musical emotion and feel which is an absolute necessity to be part of the Star Palace. Mr. Allen feels proud and privileged to have Mr. Bohlender on the Star Palace Team.