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A letter from Dorothy L. Harwood

‘You Made a Believer Out of Me’

Dear Mr. Tom Bohlender:

Hello. My name is Dorothy L. Harwood. I am a friend of Frank Seibel’s and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed listening to your speakers the other evening. I have been a voice and piano instructor and choral conductor for many years. I have degrees in music education and a Masters in choral conducting. During my career as a vocal and choral musician, I gained a reputation for being a perfectionist about many musical elements including the purity of sound and the clarity of rhythm from my singers. For a few years I wrote reviews for a national choral newspaper called “CHORUS!” During that time I published interviews with Gerard Schwartz, director of the Seattle Symphony, and Dennis Coleman, director of the Seattle Men’s Chorus.

Actually, I hate speakers. My tolerance for speakers is about five minutes and then I start getting irritated. They never sound real, they tire my ears and I am quickly bored. So when Frank told me about these great speakers from Wisdom Audio, I thought, “Oh Great! Just some expensive toy that will be loud and annoying.” I wasn’t really planning on listening to them, but Frank had set them up for a demonstration. I stopped by after my evening of piano playing at a local Chinese restaurant and sat down with my usual here we go again attitude. To my surprise, it was wonderful. I put on a classical CD and kept turning up the volume (something I never do). It sounded real, I could hear the chairs scraping and the scratch of the violins and all the other sounds that make real music alive and exciting. For the first time I realized why I hated speakers. They didn’t sound real to me and I am constantly surrounded with the real thing so I never wanted to settle for any other sound. But your speakers were different. I particularity liked it when he played the sample when the musician clicked into the mic.

You made a believer out of me and I’m a hard one to convince. Thank you for building such great speakers and I wish you the best with all your business endeavors.

Dorothy L. Harwood