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There’s a lot being written and said about Wisdom Audio speakers. Here are some of the latest reviews. We’ll continue to post reviews as they’re published.

Home Audio Equipment
The M-50 Loudspeakers

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The Absolute Sound HP’s Workshop
The M-75: Planar/Magnetic Hybrid System

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The Audiophile Voice
Infinite Wisdom Grande Reviews

The Million Dollar Sound System | Download PDF
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Gonzo Journalism Meets Wisdom Audio
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Wisdom Neo Speaker | Download PDF
by Chuck Bruce

Positive Feedback Online
Home Entertainment 2004

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More on Wisdom Audio

Interview with Tom Bohlender, President of Wisdom Audio
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Jeffrey Allen’s Star Palace: “Reflections”
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A letter to Tom Bohlender
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A letter to Tom Bohlender
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“Finally, a speaker whose design has taken into account the differences in hearing between men and women!”
Marion Louise Crawford, President
Kiley & Associates

This is it — a no-holds-barred assault on the state of the art in speaker design. They’re expensive, but perhaps not when compared to the competition. Hear the Adrenaline Line Source speakers (we’ll be listening to the top of the line Dipole 7.5 and Monopole Dual 12 woofer systems) at their first showing in Chicago and see why initial reviews are so positive. They’re said to be highly revealing yet involving and effortless, and they can play loud. Hear the musicians come to life in the room!

Tom Bohlender, the designer, will present some of his thoughts and will be available to answer questions. There will be plenty of time to listen to music, to see what they’ll do.  Bring your favorite records and CDs to play!

Chicago Audio Society

Wisdom Audio showed off their newest and latest planer monsters in their $70,000 model shown here. The beauty behind the look here was nicely matched by the sound. And it better had be. The Rowland amplifiers simply had this room cookin’!

I was truly impressed by the overall seamlessnes presented by such huge loudspeakers, keeping images tight and well controlled, on a very wide soundstage.

Stereo Times