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LS4 & LS3 Loudspeakers

Available in In-Wall and On-Wall versions. LS4 also available in a freestanding version.

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The on-wall and freestanding wood side panel options shown here are no longer available. The finish options available are shown in the Renderings window below. Photographs of the LS4i and LS3i in-walls coming soon. Sample photo shown at the top of this page.

LS4 & LS3 Renderings

All finish options illustrated for LS4 are also available for the model LS3. These images are renderings and not actual photographs.
Sound+Image Award 2014Australia's Sound + Image Award, October, 2013
A system featuring the Wisdom Series LS3 has been named Installation of the Year for 2014 by Australia's Sound+Image magazine.
Exc!te AwardThe Exc!te Award, August, 2011
The Wisdom Series LS4 received Custom Retailer magazine’s Exc!te Award for Excellence in Custom Installed Technologies and Electronics.
Resi AwardThe Resi Award, August, 2011
The Wisdom Series LS4 has been named a Resi Award Finalist by Residential Systems Magazine for Best On-Wall Speaker.
Manufacturers AwardManufacturers' Excellence Award Finalist, August, 2011
The Wisdom Series LS4 has been named a Finalist in CEDIA's Manufacturers' Excellence Awards.

LS4 & LS3 Loudspeakers
Our namesake Wisdom Series introduces our latest planar magnetic thin-film technology and represents an uncompromised engineering effort to achieve the ultimate in music and film sound reproduction. The first models in the series, the LS4 and LS3, introduced a new standard of transducer refinement and capability, significantly extending the performance envelope even beyond our award-winning Sage Series™.

The new LS4i and LS3i share the high efficiency, ultra high output planar magnetic modules used in the LS4 and LS3, but trade their beautiful exterior appearances for designs specifically suited for installation and use behind acoustically transparent screens or decorative fabric.

Reproducing more of the music through our advanced thin-film technology than any previous models, including Wisdom Audio's highly regarded legacy models, all Wisdom Series models yield breathtaking performance including low distortion, detail, dynamic range, transparency, horizontal dispersion, sound stage imaging and maximum output capability.

The LS4 models are the tallest line sources produced by Wisdom Audio. Incorporating true line sources of this length is unprecedented among architectural speakers. Since true line sources effectively eliminate deleterious floor and ceiling reflections, they are ideal for large rooms or those with architectural challenges including cathedral or coffered ceilings, hard floors, etc. True line source speakers also exhibit less propagation loss than any other type of loudspeaker, resulting in a vastly enlarged "sweet spot" that is particularly beneficial in any situation with a large listening area. Whether in a large multi-use space, media room with a casual seating arrangement or dedicated home theaters with multiple rows of seating, everyone in the audience is treated to "money seat" performance. For very large theaters with stadium seating, additional LS4i or LS3i cabinets may be stacked to create both a taller line source and higher sound pressure level capability. Yet because of the continuous nature of the advanced thin-film line source design, the lobing and comb filter anomalies of multiple-driver line arrays simply do not exist.

The LS4 models consist of four two-way planar magnetic transducer modules each incorporating discrete low frequency and high frequency radiating areas. Within each transducer module, the low frequency radiating area is comprised of two sections, each reproducing the range from 80 Hz to 750 Hz. The low frequency radiating area of a single LS4(i) is equivalent to 11 twelve-inch moving coil woofers. The vertically oriented high frequency radiating area is positioned in the center of the module, between the flanking low frequency transducers, covers the range from 750 Hz to beyond 20 kHz and is equivalent to the radiating area of 96 one-inch dome tweeters. This extraordinary measure of surface area allows for minimal movement to achieve a given sound pressure level, inherently reducing distortion at all frequencies.

The LS4 models establish a new benchmark for overall system sensitivity in the planar magnetic, thin-film category, matching or exceeding the capabilities of professional audio speaker systems at typical listening distances. A single LS4(i) has a sensitivity of 100 dB for 2.83 volts input and is capable of reproducing sound pressure levels in excess of 130 dB at 4 meters. The tall line source driver complement allows for ultra-high resolution, low distortion and extraordinary dynamic range. The result is remarkable detail, life-like dynamics, and a genuinely effortless performance at any volume level.

To achieve the LS4's remarkable sensitivity, each planar magnetic module employs a powerful magnetic field based on a combination of ceramic and neodymium magnets acting upon an ultra-low mass film. Within each LS4(i) a total of 2376 discrete magnets with a cumulative linear length of 396 feet (121 meters) are used. Assembly of these steel and aluminum modules using opposing magnetic fields is challenging, requiring particular expertise along with a twelve-ton press to mate the two sections of the module to each other. The resulting transducer module assembly weighs in excess of 28 pounds (12.7 kilograms) and is the most sensitive thin-film transducer assembly ever developed for domestic use.

To optimize the performance of this latest generation planar magnetic transducer and avoid compromise in performance, the LS4(i) is a biamplified design, eliminating any passive components in the signal path. This yields lower distortion, greater efficiency and more accurate filtering between sections, providing direct connection between the selected amplifier and our purely resistive thin-film transducers, resulting in outstanding control of their diaphragms and any amplifier to perform at its best. The LS4(i) is a landmark achievement, offering a level of performance that can simultaneously satisfy both the most critical music and film aficionados.

Recognizing that the height of the LS4i may exceed placement options in some installations, its sibling LS3i employs identical technology and shares the same industrial design, but incorporates three planar magnetic modules. At 60 inches tall, it is ideally suited for installation behind an acoustically transparent screen, as a main speaker or surround. An LS4i and LS3i multichannel system is our ultimate solution for those seeking seamless timbre matching and uniform dynamic expression throughout the listening space.

Essentially three-quarters of the LS4i, the LS3i is a supremely capable speaker. A single LS3i has a sensitivity of 98 dB for 2.83 volts input and is capable of reproducing sound pressure levels in excess of 127 dB at 4 meters. The 60-inch tall line source driver complement offers identical performance characteristics as the LS4i, with only a difference in sensitivity and maximum attainable sound pressure level.

As with its sibling, the LS3i benefits from a large sound-producing surface area that allows for minimal movement to achieve a given sound pressure level, inherently reducing distortion at all frequencies. The low frequency radiating area of a single LS3i is equivalent to 8 twelve-inch moving coil woofers. The high frequency radiating area is equivalent to the radiating area of 69 one-inch dome tweeters. To optimize both sensitivity and superb control of the thin-film diaphragms in each module, within each LS3 a total of 1782 discrete magnets with a cumulative linear length of 297 feet (91 meters) are used.

Our rack mountable 7.3 channel SC-1 System Controller provides the active crossover between low and high frequency sections of the planar magnetic modules, system-specific EQ, as well as Audyssey™ MultEQ® XT room correction on all 17 output channels for consistent no-compromise performance in every installation.

The LS4, LS4i, LS3 and LS3i are unique, all new technology driven solutions that achieve a rare level of performance. Among all speaker designs, a category where subtlety in design and performance is all too common, these achievements stand apart. The goal for the design team responsible for these products was to create the best overall speaker system solution, while maintaining Wisdom Audio's commitment to lead in the architectural speaker category. For those who insist on the highest standards for both their entertainment and home’s decor, the Wisdom Series has no peer. Capable of unprecedented realism, the output of either system may be compared to live music and needs to be auditioned to be fully appreciated.

Please visit our Where To Buy page to locate your closest authorized Wisdom Audio dealer in North America, or International Distributor in markets outside North America.

LS4 & LS3 Specifications
All specifications are subject to change at any time, in order to improve the product.

Frequency response 80Hz – 20kHz ± 2dB relative to the target curve
Frequency response, 30° off horizontal axis Coming Soon.
Impedance, tweeter LS4: 4.25 ohms
LS3: 5.6 ohms
Impedance, midrange/bass LS4: 4.25 ohms
LS3: 5.6 ohms
Sensitivity LS4: 100 dB / 2.83 V / 1m
LS3: 98 dB / 2.83 V / 1m
Shipping weight LS4: 550 lbs. (250 kg)
LS3: 435 lbs. (198 kg)
LS4i: 425 lbs. (193 kg)
LS3i: 345 lbs. (157 kg)


LS4 .dwg, .dxf, pdf
LS3 .dwg, .dxf, pdf
LS4i .dwg, .dxf, pdf
LS3i .dwg, .dxf, pdf
To view the CAD drawings above, download SolidWorks eDrawings here.

Owner's Manual
LS4 & LS3 Owner's Manual

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