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Uni-Grip® In-Wall Mount.

Uni-Grip In-Wall MountUni-Grip® In-Wall Mount
Most in-wall loudspeakers clamp themselves to the wall using relatively small "dogs" that pinch the wall material (typically plaster or sheetrock). These dogs work well enough for the small, light loudspeakers typically used for background music. However, a more robust loudspeaker that reproduces the full range of modern music and film soundtracks requires more robust attachment… much more, in fact.

Wisdom Audio created an innovative Uni-Grip® system that clamps the speaker to the wall continuously along the length of the loudspeaker. Having many times the clamping area of small pinch dogs, an installed Uni-Grip® loudspeaker actually strengthens the wall, making it more rigid than it was prior to the loudspeaker’s opening being cut. Uni-Grip® thereby minimizes spurious resonances that could seriously degrade sonic performance.

Increased clamping area also means that the clamping pressure at any point along the perimeter need not be as high, protecting both the wall's integrity and delicate wall treatments like premium wallpaper or custom paint finishes.

Best of all, the Wisdom Audio dealer can install the frame and keep the in-wall speaker itself safely in their possession until after the other installation work in the room is complete. The speaker can then be installed easily in the frame before calibration of the Sage Series system.

The Uni-Grip® In-Wall Mount is used for the majority of Sage Series in-wall loudspeakers.

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