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SC-2 System Controller


SC-2 System Controller

The SC-2 is a 2RU system controller offering 8-channel in to 16-channel out, and operate at 24-bit 96 kHz. The SC-2 provides the necessary digital active crossover and digital EQ profiles for all Wisdom Audio loudspeakers. Now featuring Dirac Live, a platform for optimized sound enhancement technology, both controllers are designed to perfect sound in any listening room by removing resonances and acoustic problems in sound reproduction creating a natural, realistic and transparent sound with tighter bass, reducing early reflections and room coloration, without the need for room treatments.

The SC-2’s Expert Mode provides installers with an additional layer of live tuning features, equalization tools, and the ability to override delays and trim EQ to optimize system performance in the most difficult acoustic scenarios. With four preset slots to store up to four complete and independent calibrations, installers have plenty of space to perform multiple room correction setups for up to 16 zones or rooms.

SC-2 Specifications
All specifications are subject to change at any time, in order to improve the product.

Internal Processing 24-bit 96kHz
Frequency Response 20 Hz – 40k Hz ±0.75 dBr
Signal to Noise ratio –110dB (ref 2.5V rms A-wtd.)
Input impedance 32kΩ (balanced)
Output impedance 182Ω
Maximum output voltage 12.3V rms
Maximum input voltage 3.88V rms
Power consumption 20W
Thermal load Coming Soon
DC trigger input sensitivity 4-24 Volts @ 5 mA
DC trigger output signal 12 Volts @ 150 mA
Mains voltage ranges 90-264 volts 47-63 Hz
Shipping weight Coming Soon

Owner's Manual
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SC-2 SC-3 Info Sheet