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miniDSP-1 Sub Processor


Powerful Signal Processing
Wisdom Audio uses an unusual Regenerative Transmission Line® (RTL®) design in our subwoofers. It provides exceptional transient response, for a subjectively “fast” and articulate bottom end which mates well to our unique thin-film technology.

However, as with most subwoofer designs, some signal processing is required to fully realize the performance potential of RTL designs. In most subwoofers, the requisite processing is simply built into the plate amplifier that is part of the subwoofer itself. This approach presents a problem, however, when the subwoofer is designed to be integrated into the home itself.

In active Sage or Wisdom Series systems that include a SC-1 System Controller, this signal processing is provided by the SC-1. However, in cases such as our own Insight Series, or any other passive speaker system, where the SC-1 isn’t included, a different approach is required.

The Choice is Yours
One option is the SW-1, which allows the subwoofer’s amplifier to be placed in the rack with the rest of the electronics, while allowing the subwoofer to be placed wherever it will perform best, without violating building codes or even having to worry about having an AC outlet near the subwoofer location. However, in installations where additional power output beyond the SW-1's output is required, or another amplifier is preferred, the miniDSP-1 RTL Subwoofer Signal Processor will provide the necessary signal processing for the passive Wisdom Audio subwoofer with which it is paired.

Each miniDSP-1 is factory set for use with up to two different models of RTL subwoofers. The desired crossover frequency between the loudspeakers and the miniDSP-1 is handled upstream in a surround processor or AVR. The miniDSP-1 provides an elegant and affordable solution for the straightforward specification of Wisdom Audio passive Regenerative Transmission Line subwoofers into any system.

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miniDSP-1 Specifications:
All specifications are subject to change at any time, in order to improve the product.

Connectivity Both balanced and unbalanced inputs and outputs are provided
Mains voltage 100V-240V via included external power supply
Shipping weight 2 lbs. (1kg)

This component has passed independent certification and testing by the internationally recognized testing laboratory TÜV SÜD for worldwide operation. Learn more about TUV here.

Connection Instructions
miniDSP-1 Connection Instructions Sheet