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Infinite Wisdom Grande
Infinite Rush Infinite Wisdom
Infinite Wisdom Grande
Infinite Rush Infinite Wisdom

The Infinite Series presents a new standard in natural sound reproduction. Building on the technical advantages of our planar-magnetic line source transducers and low frequency regenerators, the Infinite Series is the highest performance and most refined expression of our craft. Designed for the customer seeking the most natural, low distortion, life-like, compression free reproduction of any musical event, the Infinite Series is capable of effortless, unbounded music reproduction. These are formidable systems in all respects, ideally suited for large scale, high volume music and film reproduction applications which require an extraordinary solution. The monolithic mid and high frequency line source arrays and huge low frequency regenerator assemblies are capable of sound pressure levels in excess of 120 dB, suitable for the largest domestic spaces.

Infinite systems incorporate a unique planar-magnetic array that amplifies the benefits of this transducer technology to the highest level extant. The array is comprised of three distinct line sources which are dedicated to two distinct frequency ranges. A centrally located line source is employed for frequencies above 600Hz and the two flanking units address the 80-600Hz range. This configuration limits the operating bandwidth of the highest frequency driver, eliminating mechanical stress, lowering distortion, improving transient behavior and producing brilliant detail. Two line source drivers dedicated to the lower frequencies benefit from increased driven area for a limited bandwidth resulting in lower distortion, more precise upper bass reproduction, improved timbre accuracy and greater output level. Cumulatively, the advantages to the operation of the three line sources include significantly reduced distortion, further reduction in dynamic compression, improved transient behavior and overall clarity, and superior soundstage imaging.

The exceptional mid and high frequency array of the Infinite Series demands an equally capable low frequency reproduction section. Each Infinite system employs our largest assemblies of low frequency regenerators, incorporating an unprecedented eight, sixteen or twenty-four 12 inch, underhung, 3 inch voice drivers, depending on model. This unparalleled low frequency reproduction capability redefines subjective interpretations of reproduced low frequency performance, establishing an industry benchmark. These low frequency assemblies offer a combination of low distortion, natural timbre accuracy, superb grip and authority, accurate sound-staging, response to 10 Hz and stunning power handling capability. Our smallest system has the capacity to provide high sound pressure levels for large domestic rooms while our largest system has the capability to accommodate the most critical requirements of the largest private spaces and many public auditoriums.

The Infinite Series takes command of modest to the largest listening spaces with unparalleled dynamics, clarity, sound staging, output level and tonal balance. These systems offer unprecedented performance levels, providing the natural and effortless qualities which characterize live musical events. Unlike any other speakers in concept or execution, Infinite systems must be experienced to be understood and fully appreciated.

“Most simply put, this was the most natural-sounding speaker system I have ever heard.… Most people are moved to tears by births, deaths, and weddings, but I get wracked with emotion when I hear music reproduced as superbly as I did on that Sunday morning in Vegas.”
— Russ Novak, The Audiophile Voice

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