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The smartest Brain. Our latest generation of electronic crossover, in-room analyzer and equalizer is the ideal set-up tool for optimizing the performance of any Adrenaline or Infinite system. Moving beyond the adjustment and performance limitations of the original Brain, the DCAB-1 (Digitally Controlled Analog Brain) employs a PC-based interface and room analyzer that allows users to adjust a myriad of filter characteristics to optimize in-room system performance. Owners may now achieve a higher level of resolution in system refinement without requiring on-site factory personnel–even via remote control from their listening chair. Employing a greater number of more powerful and precise filters, the DCAB-1 provides repeatable settings for simple comparison of any parameter. In addition to all the enhanced adjustment characteristics, the DCAB-1 is a significant step forward in overall transparency and dynamics as compared to the earlier Analog Brain. We are confident that any owner of an Analog Brain will be thrilled with the improvement wrought by the upgrade to the Digitally Controlled Analog Brain.

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