Adrenaline Series Infinite Series Sage Series



Combination electronic crossover, in-room analyzer and equalizer, the DCAB-1 is the ideal setup tool for optimizing the performance of any Adrenaline or Infinite system. Moving beyond the adjustment and performance limitations of the original Brain, the DCAB-1 (Digitally Controlled Analog Brain) employs a PC-based interface and room analyzer that allowed users to adjust a myriad of filter characteristics to optimize in-room system performance. Owners can therefore achieve a higher level of resolution in system refinement without requiring on-site factory personnel–even via remote control from their listening chair. Employing a greater number of more powerful and precise filters, the DCAB-1 provides repeatable settings for simple comparison of any parameter. In addition to all the enhanced adjustment characteristics, the DCAB-1 is a significant step forward in overall transparency and dynamics as compared to the earlier Analog Brain.

DCAB-1 Rear View

All specifications are subject to change at any time, in order to improve the product.

Signal to Noise ratio (main outputs) -90dB (ref 1V rms, A-wtd.)
Input impedance 25kΩ (balanced)
Output impedance 50Ω
Voltage gain range, without EQ -15 to +5 dB dB
Maximum input level, at maximum level & boost 1V rms
Power consumption 33W
Thermal load 112 BTU
Mains voltage 115V or 230V
Overall dimensions 4” H x 17” W x 147⁄8” D
10.2cm H x 43.2cm W x 37.8cm D
Shipping weight 34lbs. (15.4kg)