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M-50 M-75 Rush
M-50 M-75 Rush

The Adrenaline ‘Rush’

The Adrenaline Series ends here. Expanding on the basic design and footprint of the benchmark M-75, the Adrenaline Rush system takes this concept to its highest level. The system employs eight of our low frequency regenerators housed in two dedicated towers almost six feet tall. Benefiting from the low frequency work load being shared among eight woofers, each operates at a fraction of their capability to offer increased power handling, expanded dynamic range, lower distortion and superior timbre discrimination across their driven range. The Adrenaline Rush’s outstanding low frequency reproduction capabilities provide a superior match to our six foot, thin-film planar-magnetic line source via the Active Brain, yielding a compellingly realistic combination of clarity, speed, dynamics, power handling and soundstage. For those discriminating listeners who demand the highest levels of realism and dynamic range, the Adrenaline Rush is designed for you.

Available in Cashmere Beige, Platinum Sky and Black Piano Lacquer finishes.

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