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Adrenaline Baby 7-B Subwoofer

Multichannel Components


The M-27C center channel loudspeaker was created to match the Adrenaline series in speed, dynamic capability and timbre. That is not an easy task. Containing discrete thin-film planar-magnetic transducers for mid and high frequencies and dual 12 inch low frequency regenerators, the M-27C offers exceptional full range capabilities for a center channel. It has the power handling and driver complement to seamlessly integrate with any Adrenaline system. Designed to be floor mounted, the M-27C incorporates a tilt function for optimal positioning to achieve a wide listening area. The
M-27C completes any Wisdom multichannel installation.

|  M-27C Center Channel Specifications

7-B Subwoofer

Designing a subwoofer to complement the superb low frequency performance offered by Wisdom loudspeaker systems is a challenging task. As with our other systems, this required employing an exceptional transducer optimized for the application. The 7-B incorporates a massive 18 inch diameter, underhung, low frequency regenerator which maintains output down to an astonishing 7 Hz. To achieve output levels in excess of 120 dB, this driver utilizes an unusual four inch voice coil, with four independent windings, to accommodate a maximum of four amplifier outputs up to a total of 4000 watts. Crafted in the tradition of fine furniture, the 7-B subwoofer is a no compromise component that provides an incomparable foundation for any multichannel Wisdom system

|  7-B Subwoofer Specifications