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M-50 M-75 Rush
M-50 M-75 Rush

Wisdom Audio Adrenaline speakers were created for one reason: perfect signal reproduction. Few speakers are capable of recreating the emotional response of a live musical event, but that is what the Adrenaline Series is all about. Bestowed with an elegantly simple industrial design uncommon among audiophile components, the focus of these models is pure performance. Surpassing the limitations of conventional technology in providing life-like dynamic contrasts, free of compression, you will feel emotionally charged the way you do at a live event. Discover what sets Wisdom systems apart from all others and experience the sonic advantages of a large scale, low-mass, thin-film line source mated to a low frequency regenerator of unsurpassed speed and clarity.

All Adrenaline system components operate in bi-amped mode and employ our proprietary “Active Brain” external electronic crossover that also provides sophisticated in-room equalization adjustments.

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