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Tom Bohlender, CTO, Founder, Chairman Board of Directors | Tom Bohlender has been active in the design and manufacture of loudspeaker systems for more than 20 years. Tom’s recognition of the advantages of thin-filmed driver technologies evolved into his first planar-magnetic loudspeaker system to fill a need for commercial and live music applications in 1989, an achievement that would lead to the founding of the Bohlender-Graebener Corporation with David Graebener in 1992. While at Bohlender-Graebener, Tom created a range of planar-magnetic systems and pioneered their use in other non-domestic applications. Tom founded Wisdom Audio in 1996 to further pursue his interest in developing high-end, high-performance loudspeaker systems based on large scale thin-filmed planar magnetic drivers that would provide true line source propagation. The world’s largest planar-magnetic speaker system, the Infinite Wisdom Grande, is the quintessence of Tom’s philosophy integrating planar-magnetic transducers with industry leading woofer design. Tom is currently active in the creation of intellectual property relating to the refinement of planar-magnetic and highly novel electro-dynamic transducers.

Ed Jaeger, CEO, CFO | Ed Jaeger has over 23 years experience in financial and manufacturing operations management. Prior to joining Wisdom Audio, Ed had been with BG Corporation (formerly known as Bohlender Graebener) for 12 years where he held the title of CFO and for a period of time was the company's president. During his tenure at BG Corporation Ed was instrumental in managing operations, building relationships with vendors, growing distribution and revenues. Prior to BG, Ed worked as a chief corporate accountant in two different manufacturing companies where he also contributed to operations management: Mission Country Photo Finishing for six years and Twentieth Century Plastics for five years. Ed has a business degree in finance and accounting from the University of California at Berkeley.

Mark Glazier, President | Mark Glazier has been associated with the design, manufacture, marketing and sales of audio products for more than 30 years. He is most well known for his twenty one years at Madrigal, an industry leading and award winning manufacturer of high-end consumer electronic products, which eventually became a division of Harman International. For sixteen of those years Mark served as president, focused on the development of worldwide sales and marketing efforts for their Mark Levinson, Proceed, Revel and Audioaccess consumer audio/video and custom installation brands. Mark was a principal architect of the company’s sales and marketing strategies, managed domestic and international distribution to over forty countries, created customer support policies, contributor to product evolution strategy and mentored and directed team development. Prior to Madrigal, Mark was engaged at Threshold Corporation and Dayton Wright Associates in sales management and production manager roles, respectively. Mark studied psychoacoustics at the University of New York at Buffalo.

David Graebener, Executive Vice President | David has been involved with the design and development of transducers and systems for more than 30 years and is an authority on planar-magnetic design. David began his audio career in the late 1970s as co-founder of Speakerlab, a Seattle-based loudspeaker design and manufacturing company. As a pioneer in the development and application of planar-magnetic transducers, David joined Tom Bohlender to found the Bohlender-Graebener company in the early 1990s. David has been sought after as a consultant for transducer development, with a focus on planar-magnetic applications. David is owner of Advanced Transducer Engineering and co-founder of Solution Matrix and has completed design work for Boeing, American Technology Corporation, NCT, Pacific Car and Foundry, Carver, Toshiba, Onkyo and Eastern Asia Technology Company. David has been involved in the authoring of several patents granted or pending related to planar-magnetic transducer design and is associated with the development of more than 130 electro-acoustic designs.

Jon Herron, Vice President, Sales | Jon brings over 25 years experience in both large and small retail operations, as a manufacturer's representative, and as a manufacturer to Wisdom Audio. Most recently as a national training director at Tweeter Home Entertainment Group, Herron led enterprise-level training and technology initiatives directed at both salespeople and installers. At Madrigal Audio Laboratories, Herron was the product development manager for Mark Levinson, Proceed, and other brands. As the director of sales and marketing of Snell Acoustics, Herron directed the company’s efforts into the home theater business in the early 1990s. Herron has authored a book that is used as the core product training program focused on the audio video category for two industry trade groups in the United States, and is the most comprehensive textbook of its kind. Herron has an economics degree from Dartmouth College.

David Michno, Director of Operations | David has been involved with managing the design and manufacturing of various products for more than 20 years. He was an early employee of Bohlender/Graebener (BG Corporation) and served as principle engineer designing the majority of their line while also acting in the role of production manager. David comes to Wisdom with 13 years experience in the design and manufacturing of planar magnetic transducers, including prior engineering and design management experience at BG Corp., American Technology Corporation, and Cygnet, as well as time spent with General Electric, Rancho Engineering, and ITT Barton. David earned an associates degree in electronics.

2006 | Wisdom relocates to a larger facility to accommodate a growing staff, increased production, and additional in-house manufacturing of its products and their components.

Tom Bohlender is granted a patent for his SMART planar technology

2005 | At Cedia, Wisdom unveils an in-wall loudspeaker concept, utilizing planar-magnetic transducers and an innovative, in-house developed oval woofer to provide a space efficient, high-performance speaker solution for custom installation applications. This series of speakers is scheduled for release in 2007.

2003 | The NS-27 speaker is introduced incorporating planar-magnetic drivers into a innovatively designed point source speaker, allowing Wisdom’s technology to be available at entry high-end pricing.

The M-27C center channel is introduced, allowing true multichannel Adrenaline level systems to be assembled

2002 | Wisdom debuts the Infinite Series in a demonstration of the “Cost No Object Million Dollar” system during CES in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Wisdom introduces the model 7-B dedicated subwoofer utilizing the first 18 inch woofer with an underhung quad voice coil, capable of producing a low frequency response of 7Hz.

2001 | Wisdom’s SMART planar technology is incorporated into the Adrenaline product line, providing technical and performance advantages over other thin-film technology.

The Baby Adrenaline makes its debut as Wisdom’s first point source design and below $15,000 speaker.

2000 | Wisdom develops the Adrenaline “Rush” system, raising the standard for high-end audio performance.

The Absolute Sound magazine awards Wisdom the coveted “Golden Ear Award” for the M-75 system.

1999 | The CBS Studio Center’s “Reflections” playback facility selects Wisdom M-75 speakers for their reference listening system.

1998 | Wisdom moves to a manufacturing and design facility in Carson City, Nevada. The company sells 57 systems after receiving praise from, the New York Audiophile Society, Hong Kong based Hi Fidelity, and winning Best-of-Show awards in London, Copenhagen, Bangkok and Las Vegas.

1997 | Wisdom develops the first Adrenaline speakers, the M-50 Monopole and D-75 Dipole.

1996 | Tom and Debi Bohlender found Wisdom Audio. The company will cater to the music lover and audiophile seeking the highest levels of performance, providing products based on thin-film planar-magnetic technology implemented in a line-source configuration and used in conjunction with underhung voice coil woofer designs.